Traffic Division



The Genesee County Sheriff Department Traffic Division is comprised of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, and four Deputies. All are funded under a grant from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning entitled Public Act 416 of 1978. The division is responsible for the enforcement of traffic and criminal laws on secondary roadways as well as investigating all Fatal (K) and serious injury (A) that the Sheriff Department reports.

The deputies assigned to the traffic division are seasoned traffic crashed investigators and three are experts in the area of traffic crash reconstruction. Two of the deputies received their training from Michigan State University Department of Civil Engineering and the third deputy received his training from Michigan State University and from The Traffic Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. To assist in the investigation of these serious crashes, the Genesee County Sheriff Department uses a Nikon AIMS Laser measurement system with computer software and a laptop computer to store collected information.

The Genesee County Sheriff Department Traffic Division have investigated hundreds of these crashes with great success.

In addition to traffic crash investigation, the deputies assigned are also specialists in the area of traffic and selective enforcement. One member of the team is a State of Michigan certified Traffic Radar and Traffic Laser instructor.  Other training includes commercial vehicle traffic enforcement, drunk / drugged driver detection and enforcement, hazardous material handling, vehicle / train crash investigation, as well as being State of Michigan RADAR and Laser certified operators.

Patrol units used by the Traffic Division included both fully marked and semi-marked units that consist of a 2001 Chevrolet Special Service Package Camaro and  four 2002 Chevrolet Police Package Impalas. All patrol units are equipped with Decatur brand police traffic radar, both Genesis I and Genesis II models equipped with same direction software and front and rear antennas.